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The Home for Humanity Journey of Transformative Education for Worldmaking

Powerful Personal Accounts of Young Agents of Transformation engaged in Co-Creating a World that’s a Home for Humanity

Transformative Stories and Interactive Dialogue

Format (English Session though Dialogue can facilitate French / French Native Speakers in Team):

Transformative Stories (30min): 5 Agents of Transformation sharing the H4H Journey-Story
Interactive Dialogue: (30min): with Audience
Moderator: Dr. Elif Tibet, Member of the Home for Humanity Founding Family

Titus Palivan, Switzerland/Romania: Co-Shaping Home for Humanity as a Launchpad for Transformation Agents engaging with the World

Sharing the Vision of H4H
​​​​​​​Personal experience: Co-Creation of H4H Vision and Strategy with “DreamTeam” Titus, Romain, Rodrigo

Maxime Bertocci, Switzerland: My involvement in designing the H4H Junior Fellowship to enable Young Agents of Transformation in the World

A Global Ecosystem of young Agents of Transformation, supported by H4H (and its institutions Trans4m and TOFTA)
Possibly: Excerpt of Course Video which also shows Agents of Transformation (including Annia)

Annia Costermani-Visconti, Venezuela/Switzerland: My transformative Junior Fellowship with Home for Humanity in Brazil

From Home for Humanity to Brazil and Back
​​​​​​​Driving Integral Education for Ecosystem Restoration with H4H Partner Sinal do Vale, Brazil

Christophe Haesler, Switzerland/USA: My Journey of Co-Creating Authentic Education at Home for Humanity

Start: Agents of Transformation Course
​​​​​​​Enrolled in Junior Fellowship on Authentic Education: from supporting a transformative PhD Induction to co-shaping the Agents of Transformation Course

Stefanie Kriech, Switzerland: Co-Creating a Living Curriculum for Home for Humanity

With over 30 Practitioner Pioneers from across the World
Launch: “This Weekend” (July 3/4)
Short Video

Dr Elif Tibet, Turkey: Co-Creating a World that is a Home for Humanity

The Unfolding Meta-Story…
Humanity Charter
Inviting Audience into the Journey


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