Cr. February 2018

Summary initiated by Anne-Marie 

February 18th 2018, skype meeting of the international network of Dialogues en humanité, in English. 


from India: Devinder, Siddharta, Savitha, Geneviève

from Brazil: Debora and Emerson

From USA: Sonal

From France: Simone, Christine, Anne-Marie


Siddartha and Geneviève shared the experience of the recent Dialogues in Fireflies, Bangalore. The main topic this year was about «Dialogue, negociation, reconciliation, healing», and the search for common ground in a peace-building approach that is becoming utterly necessary at a time when tensions are rising between religions, between majority and minorities, exacerbated by the rise of nationalism based on diverse forms of «supremacism» in India and all over the world.

Devinder shared the program of the upcoming Dialogues in Shandigarh on February 24/26th which will focus on the issues faced by young organic farmer leaders all around the world, from India to Europe, as they are being crushed by the forces of economic globalization, pushed to over-indebtedness which leads so many to ruin and suicide. Simone suggested that this topic should continue to be central to the discussion in the Lyon Dialogues and that several young farmers from France and other European countries be invited in Lyon.

Geneviève shared the three «parcours» or «journeys» at the Lyon Dialogues that are definitely positive and confident in action of all actors (farmers, educators, businessmen and women, citizens, etc.) :

1) Climate Change - the latest updates on the threats and mostly on the good news brought by the actors of change…. Anne-Marie suggests that this would be the natural place for an Agora on Agriculture that a) feeds 10  billion people while b) respecting the Planet, c) contributing to reverse climate change (carbon storage in soils) and d) providing jobs with stable and decent incomes to small farmers all around the world. 

2) the articulation between Global Warming in the Planet’s Climate and Global Cooling in Humanity’s Relationships, including Political Climate (Trump, Putin, Erdogan, Temer, Modi, Duterte, etc…)

This would be the place where we discuss all the initiatives to bring more community building at the global level, building bridges among people, such as the manifesto on the planetary citizenship, … all issues that have been addressed by the recent Dialogues in Bangalore

3) the threat of «Big Brother» and citizens being spied on by GAFAM (Google Apple Facebook Amazon Microsoft) and in dictatorial regimes by sophisticated online tools (see below an article about what’s happening in China) : how can citizens counter attack all around the world. Also what is good about web citizenship, and what is to fight against


So all of us who will be attending the Lyon Dialogues could think about which of these 3 «journeys» we could best contribute to - and make proposals to Geneviève.


We also talked about the Dialogues in Brussels (June 30-July1) - and should include Fabienne in the next skype meeting. Many of us will be present there. Devinder suggests a roundtable in European Parliament (to see with Riccardo Petrella ?)

Debora and Emerson invited us to meet on skype during the World Social Forum that will take place in Salvador de Bahia, probably on March 16th around noon, Bahia’s time… they will email us the exact time. Henryane will be celebrated in the famous Academy of Letters in Bahia…They also related some moments of radical change they just shared with 14 persons in their Farm in Brazil : 6 days immersion in Permaculture and Meditation. The next probation of their School for Integrative Sustainability will take place from May 18th to 31st,  In Brazil also but in French (with Canadian and French people). Debora and Emerson plan to spend 6 months in India from August to January, may be also to contribute to Indian february Dialogues (Fireflies, Chandigarh, Sadhana Forest Auroville).