Fireflies Dialogues 2017

Tout le monde (Public)

Cultural and spiritual Values on sustainabelity: Justice Liberty Egality Fraternity. All over the world, xenophobia is creeping in. We have never witnessed as much fear of the ‘other’ as we do today, whether it be in ethnic and cultural conflicts or in the rejection of refugees. Cultural passions for limited and narrow ends are ruling the roost in many contexts. The goals of building towards a shared future are often completely sidetracked in the resulting noise and confusion.
By now we all know that what is important in building collective futures is not only creating robust economies, but also considering the kind of society we want to create and the kind of relations we wish to foster.

Date début: 
Jeudi, 2. février 2017
Date Fin: 
Dimanche, 5. février 2017
Fireflies Intercultural Centre, Bangalore, Karnataka, India