Our mission:
We work for the benefit of civil society and solidarity between nations.

European Meeting Centre - Nowy Staw Foundation was established in 1993. The Foundation supports all social initiatives that aim at building civil societies, co-operation and solidarity between nations. It seconds the processes of democratic change in Belarus and Ukraine and Poland's integration with the European Union.

It promotes Lublin and Lublin Voivodeship as the meeting place of different cultures and nations. The Foundation bases its actions on Christian principles. Through education of all generations it enforces the ideas of democracy, self-governance, social market economy, solidarity between nations and cultural understanding beyond all borders.

Our aims:

• Promotion of citizen attitudes
• Support of Eastern European countries in their pursuit of democracy and the building of civil societies
• Mobilisation of citizens, particularly the younger generation to social activity and responsibility for their own communities
• Substantial and organizational support for institutions concerned with local labour market, activization of the unemployed, especially those from rural environments
• Promotion of the idea of society based on knowledge, employing modern techniques and multimedia
• Work for Poland's conscious and effective participation in the European Union 

"We welcome any opportunities for co-operation with those who identify themselves with the aims of our foundation. We wish for no-one to feel alienated in the Foundation and for our community to be a friendly place for everyone who wants to contribute to the realisation of initiatives for civil society, solidarity and co-operation between nationss"

Tomasz Różniak
President of the Foundation

European Meeting Centre - Nowy Staw 

Foundation bases its activities on the following programme sections:

 Academy "Złota 9"
A unique educational offer directed at the youth of Lublin Voivodeship. The project is a joint intitiative of the Lublin's Dominican Order and European Meeting Centre - Nowy Staw Foundation. The Academy is a combination of the pastoral experience of Dominican, Friar Ludwik Wi[niewski and the thirteen-year practice of work with youth that has been carried through in the Foundation.

 European Centre of Youth Co-operation
The European Centre of Youth Co-operation supports the coactions and international contacts of youth, especially in Europe. One of the main forms of activity are the international meetings of youth. They are always a chance to widen one's horizons, exchange experience and find inspiration for new undertakings. Youth meetings are also an opportunity to overcome one's one barriers and deeply-rooted prejudices and stereotypes. The most important part, however, is the human dimension - international youth meetings, independent on whether they are joyful or reflective, allow people to get to know each other better and they leave unforgettable memories, or sometimes even life-long friendships.

 European Information
Work for the conscious and effective participation of Poland in the European Union is impossible without information about the EU. Calling the number 0-81 534 61 91 you can ask any question concerning European institutions, law of the European Union and the process of Poland's integration within the UE. Moreover, we organize trainings concerning structural funds or future of Europe and seminars contributing to the European Public Debate. Our consultants give open lectures and organize thematic meetings for chosen social groups of our region in the centre's headquarters. All schools, educational establishments, institutions and social organizations can invite consultants of the Regional Centre for European Information to carry out classes concerning the functioning of the European Union and the participation of Poland in the EU.

 Labour Market Institute
The mission of Labour Market Institute (the former Centre of Social Education) is to professionally support the current and potential members of the labour market in their development of respect for the dignity of a man as an entity in work. We conduct analyses and scientific research on the labour market. We school and advice workers of self-governmental administration and labour market institutions. We help the unemployed and those who look for work to raise their qualifications and find a job. We pursue and develop the idea of social economy. We support immigrants, emigrants and their families. We create and participate in local partnerships for development. We initiate and develop dialogue between employers and employees. We promote the best students through competitions, scientific seminars and volunteering. We support the development of career advising for the youth. To accomplish our aims we co-operate with scholars from higher education institutions as well as experts in many areas connected with labour market. 

Civil Media Centre
If you want to find out more about the Civil Media initiative, this is the right address. Here you can learn about the co-operation between Civil Media Centres and open TV channels and get to know the European co-operation projects in this area. You will learn how to watch the internet TV platform for citizen organizations and how to join it. Are you interested in simply watching, or maybe also helping create the television?

Economic Forum of Young Leaders
Economic Forum of Young Leaders in Nowy S cz is a partner programme of Economic Forum in Krynica. It is a meeting of young social, economic and political leaders from the countries of European Union, Eastern Europe and Caucasus. Over 250 representatives of political, non-governmental, social and economic organizations take part in the Economic Forum of Young Leaders. The Forum is an opportunity to discuss and reflect on important problems and challenges faced by Europe and on the role of the young generation in the current social and economic changes in Europe. 

Christian Social Week
The aim of the initiative is for different christian-social environments to meet, discuss vital social problems and phenomenons, participate in social debate on the social and economic life in Poland. The Christian Social Week is a gathering of associations, trade unions, foundations, movements, initiatives and informal groups, which work for the common benefit, build up social justice in their local communities, taking inspiration for their actions from Christian social teaching. Social Week relates to the tradition of similar initiatives in the period between the two World Wars in Poland, the German "Katolikentage" and French Social Weeks. The Christian Social Week draws on best patriotic traditions, responsibility for 'little motherlands' and concern about Poland's future in united Europe, the crucial experiences of The Polish August of 1980 and Solidarity. 

In 1994 the Foundation began the development of European Meeting Centre, thanks to the financial contribution of The Foundation for Polish-German Co-operation. We are glad that we can carry on our programme activity in our Foundation Centre, set in a picturesque area in Nasutow close to Lublin

Extract from the Website of Nowy Staw, May 27, 2014

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