The Project


A proposition for Europeans to get to know each other in mutual encounters.

We want to bring together choirs and  peace camps in various European countries between 2014 and 2018 in a joint cultural and civic project with music as the common language. In November 2018 “Europe will Sing for peace”.  Being open to a large number this project weaves closely together memorial, artistic creation and exchanges about the future of our societies.    It will be spread over five  years in different countries and will work like a long pilgrimage of peace. And there lies its originality.


Knowledge and mutual understanding.

Broaden the knowledge of the great war : family souvenirs, peoples experiences in the west and in the east and south; the role of women; the involvement of the colonies; forging and innovating roles in the war; the ascension to independence of the people of Central Europe.

Encourage learning and debate into the causes of the Great War :  How do different cultures remember? What are their expectations and concerns for the future in their country, in Europe and in the different populations?


 “The grand people linking fair”  instead of the “great people killing war”. 

Contact choirs in the European countries that participated in the Great War;

Organise 1 or 2 week long musical and communicative encounters each year in the significant sites of the Great War with 4 to 5 choirs each time :

Bring local associations and the upper classes of  secondary schools into the preparation of these encounters;

Organise International Summer Peace Camps as a way for young people to express   themselves (in the manner of the Summer Camps of 1920/42).


We are looking for what links and brings together Europeans

The encounters will have a festive nature, the joy of sharing each others cultures.  The participants will have a real experience and will not just  take a passive role.

The cultural and musical repertory or each participating country will be brought to the fore, in particular the folk traditions with its rhythms, dances customs and memories.  Each choir will prepare its own repertory representative of their country that they want to share; grouped sessions will enable a common repertory to be developed.

Sites of painful memories (destruction of cemeteries…) will receive special attention so that local people  (schools, communes, associations…) can present their potential and their cultural success.


A musical creation

The grand finale of the project should be a musical creation in November 2018,  encapsulating all the encounters and sites elicited by the different choirs.   A composer will responsible for this creation.


2014    Launch of the project.

  • June: participation in the peace event in Sarajevo.
  • July : Dialogues on humanity in Lyon  enabling debate between the representatives of the   colonised during the Great War : musical encounters and launch of the project
  • July: first encounter of choirs in Sarajevo


  • Spring: Encounter of choirs at Ypres.(Belgiam with the participation of English and Irish choirs)
  • Summer : International peace camp and encounter of choirs in Germany (Berlin) and Poland ( Lublin, Wroclaw)
  • Composition of a musical work.


  • Encounter of choirs and International Peace camp in France (Historial de la Grand Guerre museum in Péronne) and in Romania


  • Encounter of choirs and International Peace Camp in Central Europe (Holland, Belorussia/Ukraine) and in Italy.


  • Encounter of choirs and International Peace Camp in Germany
  • November: “Europe sings peace” the same program in several European sites, with all the choirs that have participated since the beginning.  With the presence of the media.


The idea for the project began in Potsdam during a “Dialogue on Humanity” an encounter between France Germany and Poland in august 2010.  Since then a group of initiators, lead by Mascha Join-Lambert, have created the association which bears the project “voices from Citizens of Europe”.

  • Berlin : Cornelia Keller-Kirst, Barbara Winzer, artistic Managers, et le theatre troupe “HOR”
  • Chambéry : Cyrille Colombier, Choir conductor, and two choirs from Savoie : “Ensemble 2021” ( et “Vocalam”
  • Lyon : Geneviève Ancel, for the Dialogues on Humanity (
  • Grenoble :  Richard Pétris, for the Peace Camps with a view to  international “Peace camps”
  • Wroclaw : Poland : Male voice choir “Cantilena”, with their President Artur Wrobel


  • Louvain-la-Neuve, Belgium: University Choir with their conductor Charlotte Messiaen
  • Berlin, Germany: Thomas Hennig, Composer and conductor; Volksbund VdK,LV Berlin
  • Sarajevo:General Jovan Divjak,  OGB&H, and Fra Ivo Markovits, choir Pontranima
  • Lyon/Vénissieux, France: Compagnie du 2nd Souffle, with Azdine Benyoucef, choreograph
  • Lublin, Poland ; Dom Spotkan Europeskij/ Fundacja Nowy Staw  with Chairman Tomasz Rozniak

This association is open to all who wish to contribute and work in the same spirit that drives the initiators.


OFAJ, GermanFrench YouthOffice, Berlin / Paris

Foundation  Toepfer Stiftung  FvS, Hamburg

Metropole Grand – Lyon

Mission du Centenaire, Pari


English version  :Hilary Eyre

Mascha Join-Lambert

May 2014